Up for discussion...

Priority issues listed by workshop members at a public meeting held at Karori Community Centre on Sunday, 1 February 2009. Feel free to make comment under any heading…

Population of Wellington

Effects of sea level

Size of ageing population

Problem youth

Strengthening community, suburbs and services

Traffic flow – city, suburbs and beyond – regional

Fresh water shortages

Housing – inner city and suburbia

Alternative energy sources

Preservation and enhancement of open green spaces

Sports Centre Cobham Drive & access

Waterfront generally – too much emphasis on development

Downtown paving & disabled mobility

Transmission Gully

Cross city access – particularly access to the Wellington Regional Hospital

Karori commercial area too small for population

Access – Karori expanding beyond roading / public transport capacity – access to Makara – tunnel limits

Pockets of poverty

“Greater City” – not just Wgtn, L.Hutt etc

Traffic problems, especially new indoor sports centre, Kilbirnie

Lack of Council central planning with all street works – traffic disruption

Building consent & inspection delays

Increasing delays due to poor access to essential service centres ie hospital & airport

Delay in improving water quality & supply to Wgtn

Ongoing problems with the inner city bypass and re-located buildings which remain vacant

Maintenance programmes for roading, sewage, drainage, footpaths, electricity, gas water

Efficiency in carrying out road works (i.e. not digging the same hole twice)

Enabling the population to move efficiently around the whole Greater Wellington Area

Contraction of the number of Councils in the Greater Wellington Area

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