Things we like!

We have a Liaison Group in Karori (a rep from each community group). We meet and report each month. We have a councillor and a WCC council employee at each meeting. They listen and report – keeping us in the loop.

Council support social interaction events organised within a community setting. For example: dances, gatherings, grants focused on social outcomes.

Libraries: free internet, newspapers, resources.

Access to Council officers.

Walkways, and the walkability of the city.

Attitude (honesty and frankness) of officers.

Call centre action improved, also now 24 hours.

Greater openness in LTCCP process.

Parks & Reserves. Lots of green spaces.

Platters at committee meetings!

Stagecoach fares for over-60s.

Support for the town organ and the musical environment generally.

Open waterfront with parkland.

Scenic drive (from Owhiro Bay to Eastbourne).

Cheap swimming pools.

Safe beaches.

The Arts Centre in Abel Smith St

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