Rich-Poor Gap

The book "The Impact of Inequality" is by Richard G. Wilkinson who is Professor of Social Epidemiology, Division of Epidemioilogy and Public Health, University of Nottingham Medical School and Visiting Professor at the International Centre for Health and Society, Department of Epidemiology, University College London.

The book identifies the differences between the rich and the poor, and the worsening effects of the gap between them the larger that gap is.

Those effects are described in terms of life expectancy , general health, violence within society, and a chapter on "Cooperation or Conflict", and a final chapter headed "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - Economic Democracy" which has pointers towards reducing tha gap between the rich and poor.

I'm not entirely sure how all this can translate into action at the local body level - a starting point might be the salaries paid to officers and Councillors and gaps between the different levels within each?

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