Resource Management


Council needs to be more accountable when issuing building consent permits and RMA’s

  • Research the developer's application and claims
  • Personally visit the site in question rather than make the decision based on documentation
  • True cost of development be met by the developer of intensified infill house developments and Greenfield subdivisions so the cost is not passed onto the ratepayers ie infrastructure cost of sewerage and water etc
  • Developers to provide adequate parking pro-rata to occupancy of building
  • Explanation of why consent permits are required in say home improvements ie wetfloor, decking etc

Resource Management Act

Recognition of Community Plans [such as the 2002 Makara Community Plan] and promoting recommendations.

‘Wet and Wild Stream Plans’ and taking action.

Tendency of Councils to take narrow views. Example: use only the RMA and ignore land ownership [legislation].

Use / abuse of planning processes to delay, defer, reduce.

Caution of allowing retrospective [resource] consents – widespread problem.

Allow Councils more effective powers of enforcement and remedy.

Control proportional application of members against individuals/large corporations.

Fiduciary duty to be!

WCC has rights and controls but must ensure responsibilities/duties [are complied with] under ALL Acts.

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