Recreation facilities

More emphasis on recreation facilities, not just sport.


Pursue active development of safe bridal paths [for horse riding and cycling] and walkways.


Safety of recreation users needs attention [in Makara]. Cycles, horses, walkers (not potential conflicts).
Development of balanced consideration of all recreational activities that might be developed.

Land use

If [wind] turbines become inoperative they are to be removed (according to the resource consent conditions) and the land knows as “Makara Farm” should become a Regional Park.

Link Council land with private land for safe recreational use.

Sport and Recreational Facilities

Introduction of “Seniors’ Playground” to better meet the needs of our ageing population base and enhance/encourage physical activity in the older age group.

[Facilities should be] accessible to all Wellinotonians.

Netball Courts/Indoor Sports – affordable?? We need to know what the community wants!

GWRC approach ‘apalling’ not giving approval to use centreport land. The Netball courts are planned for wrong end of town for access (like the new regional hospital).

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