Natural Environment

Green Areas

  • Ridgeline and hilltops preserved
  • Importance of green space recognised and preserved
  • Reserve Land from developers needs to be useful useable space for recreation and/or sport
  • Beaches and parks must be maintained


Survey of fishstocks (in rivers). Formal investigation of variation of fishstocks:

build on existing knowledge
involve and mobilise

Remedical actions required:

what can be done
what controls need improving

WCC's responsibilities

Section 6 survey (RMA) outstanding; requires review of outstanding natural landscapes and historical sites.

Tendency of WCC to promote specific historical elements.

Closer work with Historic Places Trust to evaluate historic community assets.

More effective liaison between agencies, within common interests. Example: sewerage treatment overflow controls (WCC) whilst GWRC is improving streams.

Environmental activities

South Coast planting


The importance of creating a beautiful city can't be underestimated. It's how we attract and keep residents. Care needs to be taken around what we plant (I'd like to see more fruit trees), where we plant them (access for picking purposes), and encouraging people to be available for maintenance (arborists and pickers).

Perhaps we should discuss a micro-credit system so that people can borrow small sums of money to start incentives (such as a group of fruit trees)?

Maintenance of public spaces (e.g. plantings of native grasses) must be ongoing. Many people are allergic to dry grasses. Grass seeds are a serious risk for dogs, seeds get up their noses and in their ears.

Power Usage

All must be aware of the resources that are available to us from a national source. All resources are limited and to one degree or another finite. Electricity supplies are governed by the ability to generate and the ability to reticulate that energy to consumers.

Consumers are being encouraged to save power consumption both in their workplace and homes.

The council should have a policy where it commits to not increasing power consumption (in its properties) while ensuring council services and public safety are maintained. Significant savings may already have been made, but vigilance to prevent wastage is essential

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