Infill Housing

Infill Housing


Attempts at infill housing in the past has resulted in high density of residents but at the cost of poor quality workmanship and poor quality dwelling spaces. Many Council flat areas are infill housing of the past and while they attract favourable comment following construction, the implications to the social fabric of that developed community has been neglected. In recent years there has been examples of infill housing that have been disastrous in both of these ways. The Palm Grove complex in Berhampore is an example of poor design and workmanship that has resulted in extensive work and repairs being required to make the buildings inhabitable.

The development of council housing at complexes such as Newtown (Te Ara Hou & Newtown Park) were of a standard that when built received awards and commendations from many different groups. These, along with other Council housing stock are being upgraded.

Present Day issues and Concerns

The Wellington City Council Has taken a stance to concentrate people to live on the "Transport Spine" of Wellington City.

These proposals have been focussed in specific areas of Wellington with little understanding of existing communities.

No proper planning or upgrading scheduled as a result of infill or greenfields developments.

How will North Wellington commuters, shoppers access Johnsonville as a result of the proposed further infill housing.

How will commuters and shoppers be catered for in Johnsonville Town Centre?

Infrastructure and comprehensive planning for all services for the increases should precede these projects.

Infill housing strategy still needs to enable all suburbs (including Johnsonville and Kilbirnie) to retain character and allow residents to preserve their light planes etc.

All WCC residents should be given notice of any proposed intrusive development adjoining their existing residence. (Design guides).

Plan 66 is adverse to the growth strategy already adopted. Malls are the shopping of choice for many shoppers (eg. Newtown bus service to Queensgate).

Infill housing is fine so long as it is done in a sympathetic and tasteful manner but the targeted intensified infill housing proposed in Johnsonville and Kilbirnie will effectively rip the guts out of the community. Those who want to live in high rise apartments live in Wellington. People buy homes in the suburbs for the suburban life style and intensified infill housing is not part of the suburban persona. Change will happen but to invite these wholesale sweeping changes to the suburbs of Johnsonville and Kilbirnie is to put existing residents at a distinct disadvantage over other Wellington residents.

Infill housing must not be treated as a cheap means of providing accommodation for people. Such an approach will result in poor design, poor workmanship and a generally poor quality complex that fails to meet the needs of residents after the first decade and the result becomes a run-down building that attracts an appropriate clientelle.

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