Wellington could do more to promote local heritage and national heritage.

Greater focus on marine heritage.

Focus on the harbour but provide stronger links to the communities.

Attention to churches and [their] grounds as focal points.


No more wind turbines in the rural area… we have done our bit!

Further beautification of the [Makara] area is required.

Immediate attention to public access. Views: damaged fences need to be treated [immediately] like grafitti.

Protection of views from Makara “Promenade” (Fishermen’s Bay).

Recognition of coastal character of existing baches (Makara coastline).

Link associated plans. Example: hilltop overlay.

Retain the peace and tranquility of the [Makara] district.

Maintenance of heritage Buildings

In times of financial stress, such as at the start of 2009, there can be a temptation to cut back on maintenance, both of heritage features and essential infrastructure. The need for a well planned and on-going infrastructure maintenance programme has been addressed elsewhere; the importance of continuing with the maintenance of heritage features is equally important.

A large percentage of the relatively few heritage features in Wellington are of such a nature that if they are not regularly maintained to a high professional standard, they can start to deteriorate rapidly with the result that, within a few years, major reconstruction or redevelopment can become necessary in order to restore them to a standard which will enable the public to appreciate their value and to recognise the links with the city’s past which they embody. Regrettably, such a level of care is not always forthcoming, and some valuable heritage features have been allowed to deteriorate to the point where they have disappeared.

LTCCPs, and particularly the revision of 2009, need to give a high priority to explicitly providing for the continuing maintenance of the city’s heritage features.

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