People working together on issues: for example active listening, no fighting.

Greater community involvement in decision making and actions, for example: community parcipations and the delivery of objectives.

A Council that actively listens; independent and professional officers. For example: Council hear what they want to hear.

Engagement Policy implementation (e.g. where is it?).

Council initiatives are often started without consultation.

Consultation is but one part of Engagement. A separate page is at http://wellington-ltccp.wikidot.com/consultation

Councillors should ensure they have read and understood reports, and discuss the issues with the community before making decisions. Time must be made for participatory democracy. Reports should be available several weeks ahead of meetings to allow time for discussion.

Council publish what they have done, but do not adequately communicate what they are going to do to enable time to respond.

Council should practice participatory consultation.

Councillors need to ask the right questions.

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