Participatory democracy cares for people and is inclusive, including provision for peak oil, considering the local economy, local growth, public transport and active modes of transport (walking and cycling). Also includes decent housing that is affordable.

Value for money

Meaningful consultation with people around focused topics such as transport, which can stifle development, enjoyment, and business.

Reduce costs of publicity and advertising – colour [newspaper] ads not necessary.

Re-direct money away from PR, which is only self-interest and not directly beneficial. Else elements of media become biased. Encourage a wider use of media [e.g. spreading the media spend across more outlets] that will reduce WCC's ability to control messages.

Environmental advocacy

WCC uses the legal process to “gag” environmental groups from making media statements on the issue


There is a need for accountability and transparency.

I would like to see Council and SPC meetings broardcast live via a webcam in the Council meeting rooms. I think this would give added value to participation and involvment in Local Government. Just to be able to watch the process enables and empowers the community. The barrier of cost for the citizinery to participate is minimised. The cost to council for providing is also minimal. It's a great idea.

Councillors getting out into the community to hear what constituents want/need is a start but once a year is not enough. Councillors need to start earning their pay cheques in ways that ratepayers can see.
Councillors decisions and voting statistics should be regularly made public. Afterall councillors are supposed to be representing the best interests of the citizens of Wellington.

The attitude of Councillors, “I have been elected so I can do what I like for three years” must change, and the culture within Council that supports this must change.

Council must not be able to override the Ombudsman, that would be undemocratic.


Council uses ratepayer funded lawyers to litigate with limited budgeted community groups. A fund should be set up to help community groups 'fight council' when council has got it wrong.

Lots of Money is wasted – poor decisions being fought.

Council officers are changed from projects if they appear to act in communities interests.

WCC decisions need to be delivered with consistency.

Council representatives on boards should not be paid extra for being the council representative.


The system is not equitable (for low income, individuals, groups etc).

Enhancement of Issues Resolution processes. At the end of the day; the people who work in the Issues Resolution Office are employees of the Wellington City Council. We need a step between the IRO and litegation - maybe a council funded independent body with authority to make decisions???

Council needs to get tougher with “compliance issues” on developers.
How many times have we seen shocking examples of developers riding roughshot over the district plan and other regulatory requirements only to have the WCC backdate or overlook the infringement at the expense of the Ratepayer? It is time for the WCC to ensure the rules are followed by all - especially developers.

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