Council Projects Proposed/Yet to be Completed

Background :

The Wellington City Council Staff have over the years done considerable work on projects within the city. Many of those projects now await the availability of funds to carry out the work. This page includes those that have been identified but may not be known to the public at large. Council proposes that some of these project will be funded from specific sources (eg Charles Plimmer Bequest) but they could be funded from rates instead.

Making Comments

On this page there is the ability to make comments after each project.

Project : Indoor Sports Stadium

Detail: Indoor Sports stadium to be constructed Cobham Park, Kilbirnie.
Cost : $46,000,000 to $60,000,000
Additional Info : Resource consent granted, subject to appeal
Source :

Comments :

  1. Cut this and that's $50m saved!!
  2. I feel that this is not the time to spend such a large sum. The economic climate is such that this project along with other large projects should be put "on hold" until the climate improves. It is one project that will support a small sector of the construction industry not a boost to all so the statements about benefit to that industry are questionable.
  3. What is the rationale behind developing this facility? Where does it fit with the Community Facilities Review? This is an obvious expenditure item that could be easily postponed without great harm done. In times of such economic uncertainty this seems an unwise and irresponsible decision. The argument has been made that it will generate work in the construction industry… how about spending $50M on upgrading existing infrastructure (such as roads, water supply, building new reservoirs, building better public transport)? Why does the Wellington City Council want to pour money into the pockets construction company shareholders?
  4. Project must not proceed. The Councils' focus to "cut costs" will be severely compromised with this project. Expenditure of up to $60,000,000 and then $3,000,000 per year additional to current expenditure does not sound like "cutting costs".
  5. Project should not be proceeded with at this time. The economic climate is not conducive to this sort of project. The employment opportunities provided by such a project have been grossly over-exaggerated. Wait until the Economic climate improves and then re-visit.
  6. This is is not a project for all Wellingtonians to use. It is going to be used by a small sector of the Wellington community. Netballers. What other users are there going to be. Schools have their facilities (gymnasiums, halls etc). Any schools that are wanting to use the facility will be at the same time (afternoons), and thus use will be limited. Other sports will not get a look-in as they will want the facility at the same time as netballers - weekends and evenings.
  7. A survey (late 2008) of Miramar businesses/organisations strongly indicated a time of economic depression is not the time to build an indoor stadium.
  8. Other projects that involve and would benefit greater numbers of Wellingtonians. For example artificial turf on sports fields and work on walking tracks are amongst the projects that have been "put on hold" at the expense of working on the indoor sports stadium.
  9. We do not want or need an indoor stadium that will cater for one sport. None of the other 29 sports mentioned will get a look-in as there aint the hours in the day or week.
  10. Some comments on Councilor Foster's decision to lodge an appeal to the Environment Court:
  • Mr Foster is right. Kilbirnie's Cobham Park is the wrong site.
  • For the Wellington region the Westpac Stadium concourse site would be much more accessible and a better location.
  • This is yet another example of Wellington city council doing whats right for them and not whats right for the Wellington region.
  • The sooner we get one regional council the better.
  • Andy Foster, please hand in your pass on the way out.
  • I for one am RAPT WITH what this Councillor did
  • Good on him for standing against HER
  • She is nothing but a bully
  • SHAME Prendergastly
  • and as for Paul Cameron- shall we build this next door to you?? and see if you will enjoy it?
  • This is the issue
  • Have WCC canvassed local people where they planned to build this
  • NO
  • I live 2 mins away from where thjey planned to build this and I am against it like 98% OF RESIDENTS I have spoken too
  • \the answer PRENDERGASTLY
  • DO YOU understand this?
  • Having been following the issue of the Kilbirnie site for a while, I'm pleased that Councillor Foster has stood up. The proposal fails to take into account many residential and traffic issues - safety concerns are being blatantly ignored by forcing this through. Kerry is happy to use her name to push the project, but at what cost?
  • If Councillor Foster is forced to fall in line with Kerry's opinion, where's the democracy? Has she ever explained why a sports complex can't be built in tandem with Westpac Stadium, given that it has parking, rail and bus networks all in place already? Wellington City Council should be coming up with the best option for the city, not just for the mayor.
  • Good on Mr Foster for having the guts to stick his neck out. Cobham Park is not a good site for a project of this scale. Traffic flow out to the eastern suburbs and importantly to the airport is an embarrassment as it is, with no realistic plans to sort it out (until there are two two-lane tunnels or equivalent through Mt Vic there will always be a bottle neck). And the council wants to add to the flow of traffic heading there?? The concourse is much better in that respect.

Project : Basin Reserve Grandstand

Detail: A grandstand to “protect” the Basin Reserve from the effects of a State Highway 1 flyover to the north of the Basin Reserve boundary
Cost : Not available
Additional Info : proposed publicly by Councilor Morrison in his capacity as a Trustee of the Basin Reserve Trust
Source :

Comments :

  1. More silly expenditure. What does Cr Morrison think SH1 is going to do… beat up the Basin Reserve and steal its wallet?! This city is cracking at the seams. While Councillors are cutting necessary maintenance budgets with one hand, they are committing insane amounts of money to frippery and self-agrandising projects with the other! (refer to "Indoor Sports Stadium", above)

Project : Concert Arena

Detail:. 10,000 seat arena
Cost : $100,000,000
Additional Info : to attract international acts. Current facilities (5000 seat ASB Arena too small. Promoted by Council, Mayor and concert promoters
Source : News edia

Comments :

  1. NO! Goodness sakes, there is a recession going on. People WON'T HAVE the discretionary income to spend on concerts. If concert promoters want this venue, let them fund it themselves. Why is the Wellington City Council funding commercial operations so readily?

Project : Wellington Waterfront

Detail :

  • Shed 13
  • Frank Kitts Park
  • Shed 6
  • Wharf Strengthening
  • Taranaki Street Wharf (2010)
  • Kumutoto Sites 8 & 9
  • Kumutoto Site 10
  • Overseas Passenger Terminal
  • Queens Wharf Public Space
  • Outer T (incl Shed 1)
  • Chinese Garden
  • Wharewaka
  • Kumutoto Public Space
  • OPT Public Space

Cost :
Additional Info : from 1 July 2010, the Waterfront project will be transferred to and undertaken by the Council (SPC 11 December 2008)
Source : Report 5 SPC meeting 11/12/08

Comments :

Project : Safer Roads

Detail:. Newtown and Berhampore – works approved by Council 24/9/08 and being implemented 2009
Cost : $$1.2 million over 4 years
Additional Info : Newtown, Berhampore and Island Bay – Consultation with Communities began in 2003
Source : Safer Roads Newtown and Berhampore Consultation Feedback and Implementation Plan - Nov 08

Comments :

Project : Te Raekaihau Point Restoration

Detail:. Restore the coastline and enhance visitor facilities. Planting, restore coastal edge, define car parking, seating & picnic areas
Cost : $350,000– Approved for 2009/10 Bequest funding
Additional Info : Included in the Projects that could be funded by the Charles Plimmer Bequest
Source : Report 3, SPC Meeting 11/12/08

Comments :

Project : Grasslees Reserve

Detail:. Redevelopment of the community park, including better integration with facilities such as the Tawa pool, skate park and the proposed Porirua Stream Walkway and Cycleway
Cost : $$50,000 – Planning & Concept Design and $600,000
Additional Info : Included in the Projects that could be funded by the Charles Plimmer Bequest
Source : Report 3, SPC Meeting 11/12/08

Comments :

Project : The Teaching Garden (combination of the previous children’s garden and organic garden projects)

Detail: A demonstration garden of horticulture for the home garden. It will teach principles of plants and plant growth and will cater for families and visitors to the garden through demonstrations, workshops and interactive media.The garden will demonstrate that all living things are dependent on plants; that we must all understand and embrace the notion of Kaitiakitanga if we are to sustainably into the future.
Cost : $800,000
Additional Info : Included in the Projects that could be funded by the Charles Plimmer Bequest
Source : Report 3, SPC Meeting 11/12/08

Comments :

Project : Johnsonville Memorial Park/Alex Moore Park

Detail:. Redevelopment of the park to make it function better as a community park and improve linkages with other community facilities and with the Johnsonville Town Centre Plan
Cost : $500,000 to $1,000, 000
Additional Info : Included in the Projects that could be funded by the Charles Plimmer Bequest
Source : Report 3, SPC Meeting 11/12/08

Comments :

  1. A shame this doesn't include a place for Wellington Free Ambulance

Project : Charles Plimmer Park, Mt Victoria

Detail:. To upgrade the park so that it functions better as a community park. This includes better park connections, vegetation management and improved accessibility
Cost : $ Not Known
Additional Info : Included in the Projects that could be funded by the Charles Plimmer Bequest
Source : Report 3, SPC Meeting 11/12/08

Comments :

Project : Lyall Bay Beach Improvements

Detail:. Improvement ideas for Lyall Bay beachfront. (dune restoration, street trees, lighting, picnic areas)
Cost : $ Cost estimate unknown
Additional Info : Included in the Projects that could be funded by the Charles Plimmer Bequest
Source :

Comments :

Project : Shoreland Park Upgrade Stage 2

Detail:. Redevelopment of the Shorland Park area including :

  • Linking Shorland park to the beach (road safety improvements)
  • Improving Reef Street reserve
  • Interpretation of Maori and European history
  • Restoring the historic wall

Cost : $$2.4 million at 2006 costings
Additional Info : Included in the Projects that could be funded by the Charles Plimmer Bequest
Source : Report 3, SPC Meeting 11/12/08

Comments :

  1. This has been on the go for so long that it is about time that the project is completed.

Project : Artificial Turf on Sports Fields

Detail:. Many sports fields do not stand up to the rigours of winter sports. Adverse weather makes them unusuable.
Cost : $46,000,000
Additional Info : Comment that these have been delayed to allow the indoor stadium to proceed.
Source : Press & Councilor comments

Comments :

Project : Other projects


  • Development of community park in Newlands (part of the upgrading of suburban parks project)
  • Improvements to Seatoun Beach
  • Wrights Hill Reserve beautification & accessibility improvements
  • Enhancing small green spaces
  • White Rails – landscaping public paths (various locations)
  • Kaiwharawhara Walkway - Sanctuary to the Sea
  • Tinakori Hill Upgrade
  • "Make-over" of Miramar Peninsula Marine Drive
  • Fort Dorset Reserve track upgrade
  • The Glenside to Linden Stream Walkway, Porirua Stream
  • Birdwood Reserve Restoration
  • Fort Buckley Restoration
  • Evans Bay Connectivity project
  • Enhancing our Sense of Place – micro-projects to improve the city’s attractiveness (various sites)
  • Inverlochy Park & Te Aro Walkway
  • Enhancement of footbridge, Bolton Street Cemetery
  • Enhancement of Historic Common Grave and surrounding area, Bolton Street Cemetery

Cost : $ No costings available
Additional Info : Included in the Projects that could be funded by the Charles Plimmer
Source : Report 3, SPC Meeting 11/12/08

Comments :

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