Community Representation


Amalgamate Councils to provide efficiency, reduce duplication and give better value for rates.


Local community board inequity. There is an imbalance between communities with Community Boards and those without – for example tawa and Newlands/Johnsonville/Churton Park. There should be a consistent approach to communities. All should have community boards (or none).

Community Boards

Establishment of citywide Community Boards.

Establishment of Citywide Community Boards with limited delegated financial responsibility

  • Less Councillors
  • Councillors paid small base salary and topped up my attending full meetings
  • Leadership roles on committees/boards not accruing more money
  • Open accountability of terms and conditions of employment for councillors
  • Investigate the concept of ‘super council’ with a view to disband the WCC as we know it
  • Overbearing Council versus self governing communities – a combination of ‘local’ councillors chairing local community board

NPPA has already tried to have its own Community Board Established and the reason it was not upheld (when WCC's decision to not allow its establishment was appealed) was because it was too small an area. When the last Council reviewed the Representation Policy it was not a thorough consultation and the status quo was maintained. I believe the decision makers at that time had a vested interest in keeping communities disempowered. The establishment of citywide Community Boards with budgets and limited powers of authority would enable citizens to get on with the business of maintaining communities and providing equipable services throughout the City without political intervention. Too often areas are at the mercy of politicing rather than having the need assessed equitably.

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