Community Outcomes - Wellington Regional Council

Community Outcomes

As agreed by the Wellington Regional Council.

Healthy Environment

  • We have clean water, fresh air and healthy soils. Well functioning and diverse ecosystems make up an environment that can support our needs. Resources are used efficiently. There is minimal waste and pollution.

Quality Lifestyle

  • Living in the Wellington region is enjoyable and people feel safe. A variety of lifestyles can be pursued. Our art, sport, recreation and entertainment scenes are enjoyed by all community members – and attract visitors

Sense of Place

  • We have a deep sense of pride in the Wellington region. We value its unique characteristics – it’s rural, urban and harbour landscapes, its climate, its central location, and its capital city.

Prosperous Community

  • All members of our community prosper from a strong and growing economy. A thriving business sector attracts and retains a skilled and productive workforce.

Prepared Community

  • We can cope with emergency events. Individuals and businesses are able to take responsibility for their own well-being. Effective emergency management systems are in place.

Connected Community

  • Access is quick and easy – locally, nationally and internationally. Our communication networks, air and sea ports, roads and public transport systems enable us to link well with others, both within and outside the region.

Entrepreneurial and Innovative Region

  • Innovation and new endeavours are welcomed and encouraged. Ideas are exchanged across all sectors, resulting in a creative business culture. We have excellent education and research institutions, and benefit from being the seat of government.

Essential Services

  • High quality and secure infrastructure and services meet our everyday needs. These are developed and maintained to support the sustainable growth of the region, now and in the future.

Healthy community

  • Our physical and mental health is protected. Living and working environments are safe, and everyone has access to health care. Every opportunity is taken to recognise and provide for good health.

Strong and Tolerant Community

  • People are important. All members of our community are empowered to participate in decision-making and to contribute to society. We celebrate diversity and welcome newcomers, while recognising the special role of tangata whenua.

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Source : Wellington Regional Council 2006-2016 Ten Year Plan (LTCCP) - Community Outcomes

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