Community Outcomes - Wellington City Council

Community Outcomes

The commnity Outcomes as agreed by the Wellington City Council.

* Wellington will promote the sustainable management of the environment, and support increased opportunities for the exercise of kaitiakitanga or environmental guardianship.
* Wellington will protect and showcase its natural landforms and indigenous ecosystems.
* Pest animals and plants will be eliminated as methods become available, and no new pests will become established.
* Wellington’s long-term environmental health will be protected by well-planned and well-maintained infrastructure.
* Wellingtonians will be well-prepared and co-ordinated to deal with any civil emergency and its aftermath.
* Wellingtonians’ use of non-renewable energy resources will decrease.
* Wellington will move towards a zero waste policy.
* Wellington, as New Zealand’s capital city, will house and engage effectively with central government, embassies and corporates.
* Wellington will have an increasing diversity of vibrant, internationally competitive businesses and industries of all sizes, and sustainable employment opportunities.
* Wellington will become a centre of excellence for education and training, and the promotion of entrepreneurship.
* Wellington will be a prime tourist and conference destination, with diverse and changing attractions that fit and highlight Wellington’s best features.
* Wellington’s thriving suburban centres and rural areas will offer enhanced services and lifestyle choices.
* A wide range of educational opportunities will be available for Wellingtonians of all ages.
* Wellingtonians will be healthy and experience a high quality of life.
* Wellington will be a dynamic and multicultural city that respects and celebrates cultural diversity.
* Wellingtonians will feel safe in all parts of the city.
* Social services, especially public health and housing, will be affordable, available and accessible to all Wellingtonians.
* Wellington city and its amenities will be accessible to all Wellingtonians.
* Wellington will have responsive social services and a strong volunteer sector.
* Wellingtonians will enjoy recreation and be among the most active in New Zealand.
* Opportunities for active and passive recreation in Wellington will be diverse, safe, affordable, accessible and attractive.
* Wellington’s communities will have ready access to multi-use indoor and outdoor facilities and spaces.
* Wellington will host and promote international sporting events which make appropriate use of its natural environment and established facilities
* Tangata whenua and our multicultural diversity will be recognised and valued, and reflected in our city’s culture.
* Wellingtonians will celebrate their unique cultural identity.
* Wellington will be recognised as New Zealand’s arts and cultural capital, encouraging visual and performing arts.
* Wellington will have venues that suit a range of events and reflect the needs of the city.
* Wellington’s transport system will be designed to meet the needs of its people efficiently and sustainably.
* Wellington’s public transport system will be accessible and affordable for all.
* Wellington will be pedestrian and cyclist friendly.
* Wellington’s traffic will flow smoothly through and around the city and its suburbs.
* Links by land, air and sea will meet the needs of people and enterprises.
* Urban development will support Wellington’s uniqueness as a compact harbour city.
* Wellington will protect its heritage buildings and ensure that new developments are sympathetic to them.
* Wellington will preserve and improve its parks, trees and open spaces.
* Wellington’s urban development and buildings will be energy-efficient.
* Wellingtonians will protect and have access to public green open spaces and the coast.
* Wellington communities will be inclusive and welcoming to all people.
* The Treaty partnership will continue to be acknowledged in all local decision-making processes.
* Wellington will have a culture of open and honest, no-surprises consultation involving all age groups that is genuine, timely and well-informed.
* Wellington’s governing bodies will comply with all legislative requirements and will behave in an ethical and fair manner.
* Information required by citizens and groups will be easily accessible to enable participation in the community.
* Wellington’s media will be diverse, open and accessible to all people.
* Wellington will have clear directional signage.
* Wellingtonians will be actively involved in their communities, and work with others to make things happen.

Source :
Source : Wellington City Council LCCTP 2006- 2016 Community Outcomes (pdf 65kb)

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