Community Issues

Suburban living

Community is very important. Suburban areas are separate, cohesive and all different. There is a need for Council to look at what each suburb needs rather than a one size fits all (Auckland or Christchurch) approach.

Full recognition and research needed to provide full information in the individual suburbs as the ‘core’ of the city eg – needs, governance by residents, rates takes, rates spend. Comparative information on the different areas for equity purposes etc.

  • More satellite shopping in suburban areas.
  • CBD in not suburban user friendly.
  • Cost of parking.


Although there has been a decrease in crime in the Wellington area, the Council needs to remain vigilant in the public areas of Wellington such as Courtenay Place.


The recent implementation of the liquor ban in the CBD, Mt Vic will move problems away from those areas if they are enforced. Problems that are transposed to other areas of the city as a result of the liquor ban need to be addressed.


Tagging needs to be removed promptly. Leaving tags on a building, wall or other plain surface attracts other taggers.

Wellington City Council funds a team of people to paint out tagging. This team does a great job and needs to be secure in its funding. While there may be less tagging visible now than in the past, the effort needs to be continued.

The "Dob a Tagger" initiative is also effective. Certainly in the eastern suburbs, this is having the impact of decreasing the amount of graffiti. The scheme is being extended to Khandallah and nearby suburbs, and Tawa.

Other initiatives might also be employed. Other Councils have:

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