Community Facilities

Community centres

Strengthen Community Centres and Services – Ensure more 10/7 accessible community centres to combat social isolation. (aging population, problem youth, displaced institutional residents etc) This requires Council supported action to ensure hands-on face to face service.

Community facilites

These are needed to help build healthy communities that are self sustaining and resilient.

The topography of Wellington creates a number of quite discrete communities. Just because one community butts onto another does not mean they have links and similar needs. For instance the some homes in Kaiwharawhara and Wadestown are just over a hundred metres apart on the map, but in the small gap is the Ngaio Gorge. This means these two communities use different roads, different bus services, and different shops. Their needs are different

In providing community facilities and determining the services that are provided, Council needs to keep in mind the differences between local communities and services needed. However the Council often lumps several discrete communities together and assumes they can be serviced by one of its larger hubs. For instance Karori is the hub that is supposed to serve Karori, Wadestown, Crofton, Downs, Ngaio, Khandallah and Broadmeadows yet there is no public transport system that links all these communities together.

Manaakitanga should be the priority, i.e. services should meet the needs of the community.

Council needs to be aware that the community speaks with many different voices, sometimes opposing each other.

Continue the status quo for the maintenance of facilities.

Refine the list of services to those that are measurable.

Be realistic about what can be done within budget according to the community’s priorities.

If unemployment increases the ability to spend money decreases, having a large impact across sectors.

The form of community centres deserves full consideration

In 10 years there will need to be a strong network of community centres that around which a community develops.

Council needs to ensure that community services and facilities are available and appropriate for the increasing older population.

Toilet facilities in the community are essential. They need to be maintained at good hygenic level. More public toilets are required in Wellington City both for the use of residents and visitors.


Provide equity to those who do not have library in their area. For example: free reservation service via internet.

Libraries must be retained although in the next 10 years, their nature may change reponding to technology advances - eg e-books, reading centre become as valuable as a book repository.

Paying for community facilities

Council has the ability to target rates. If a community establishes that something is needed in that community's area and can get the support of the community and that community agree to pay through a targeted rate, what right does the council have to deny that community.

The development contribution should be used to mitigate the impact of the development in the area of the development. Better accountability for these funds needs to happen as well as improved dialogue with affected communities as to where and what these funds should be spent on.

Equality and fairness

Each community in Wellington is very different from another. Neighboring suburbs can be very different and have differing needs.

Similarly, there needs to be equity between Communities. For example, Council controls/operates some community centres, ie they employ the co-ordinator. Other Co-ordinators are paid a "community wage that varies from the minimum adult wage to $20pw. Irrespective of the centre, co-ordinators do a similar job (co-ordinate or run programmes. There salary (as funded from Council) should be the same across centres. What differs is the number of hours that Co-ordinators are paid.

Community Centres have differing clientelle. This often depends on the services provided but may also be determined by the facilities or focus of the Centre c.f. Thistle Hall, Newtown Community Centre.

Swimming Pools

People supervising children swimming should not have to pay entrance fees at swimming pools. Porirua and Upper Hutt have already adopted this practice.

There is not enough flexibility in swimming pool area use, e.g. wanted to teach children to dive off the side but was told the swimming lane cannot be used.


Keep Abel Smith St Centre but also look at other places such as Shelley Bay. Maintain Wellington's position in the development of arts, including music. Many of New Zealands bands have their start in Wellington and go on to be world leaders.

Community Centres

Comment: Council needs to be aware of the maintenance requirements of the older buildings well loved and used by the community. The cost would be minimal and the value high in having annual upgrade plans for centres such as Newtown.

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