Commercial Enterprises

Council should not be in the business of providing services that are provided by commercial companies.


There are many commercial companies that are involved in this area of business – providing broadband services. Telstra Clear has its own cable network in just about all streets of Wellington. Xtra is New Zealand wide, and while relying on copper cabling, speed and services are improving. Internet Access is also provided by wireless providers both these generally link to the telecom or clear systems at some point. The Mayor has stated that one of the options is to look at using the network of trolley bus cables to support such a network. These networks are very limited AND are arterial only in that they head from the centre of town to a suburban terminus. Both Telstra Clear and other providers have established networks that are so much wider and diverse than these trolley bus cables. To compete with these commercial providers and establish yet another dedicated network makes no sense. Wellington finishes up with cables belonging to Telecom, Telstra Clear, and the Wellington City Council or it's CCO.

Council might make its infrastructure available to commercial providers but this would be done on a commercial basis. Developments in the IT world are happening at such a pace that what is required in a couple of years is unknown, But this is the risk bourn by the Commercial provider, not a risk that should be bourn by Council.

There are also other systems available to those that need a greater bandwidth that is needed for most businesses. These include direct satellite connections.

Council could perhaps provide a service that links businesses that need greater bandwidth together so that competitive rates can be negotiated. Perhaps this is a role for Grow Wellington (Positively Wellington Business)

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