Coastal erosion

Coastal Erosion

New Zealand has a very long coast and there are periodically newsworthy events of various properties falling into the sea. In addition to this "natural" coastal erosion there is also now the threat, if not inevitability, of the sea level rising because of global warming. The implications and ramifications of these processes need to be given serious thought so that as they become increasingly evident the impact on individuals through too communities and regions is managed to everyone's best advantage.

Coastal Inundation

In many ways, Wellington City is protected from coastal erosion causing damage to private property. There are few areas in Wellington that are likely to be affected immediately by land disappearing.

A hazard for properties in the south coast of Wellington is the effect on properties that sea inundation might cause when in severe southerly storms, the sea flows/splashes across the road (between breaker Bay & Owhiro Bay) bringing with it seabed and other debris (rocks, driftwood, seaweed) and other matter.

Windblown Sand & seaweed

This is a more prevalent problem that brings sand onto and across the road at Lyall Bay. The result is
loss of sand from Lyall Bay beach,

  • sand building up on private properties on the northern side of Lyall Parade, Lyall Bay
  • sand on Lyall Parade itself
  • sand blowing down Onepu Road toward Coutts Street
  • seaweed on Queens Drive, Waitaha Cove.

This results in continual maintenance of the road, gutters, drainage systems and the collection, removal and disposal of polluted sand.

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